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RV / Specialty Insurance

One of the greatest things in life is traveling.  Many of you know what it feels like to be on the open road and enjoy looking for new adventures and seeing new things.  Owning an RV can give you this feeling, yet many do not know what types of coverage is needed in order to properly protect your investment while traveling or away on vacation.

I own an RV, but am unsure about what is needed to cover it - Owning an RV is great, but you need to understand what coverage options are available to you when owning an RV.  Some questions to ponder on coverage are below.

1.  Coverage for Collisions - Would you be properly covered in the event of a collision?

2.  Theft - Are you covered for theft or vandalism?

3.  Uninsured Motorists Coverage - Would I be properly protected?

4.  Mold or Water Damages - Would this be properly covered?

5.  Rodent Damage - Would my motorhome be covered if there was a rodent infestation?

All of the above scenarios are important when owning and RV.  You want to make sure you are properly covered and coverage varies by carrier.  

So what would a typical RV Coverage plan consist of?

1.  Collision - The biggest thing that many RV owners don't understand is the height of their RV.  You need to be aware of how tall and wide your RV is in order to avoid potential accident scenarios when out in areas you aren't familiar with.  By paying close attention to height warning signs, you will avoid unwanted accidents just by being knowledgeable of where you can and can't go.  

2.  Theft - Thieves always come up with new ways to either take or damage someone else's property.  Even though it seems a little out of the norm that someone would steal such a large vehicle, or the property inside, it happens more than you think.  It is very important to secure the things you cherish most against situations such as this.

3.  Roadside Assistance - Having roadside assistance is important to ensure that you can get your vehicle into a shop to make repairs if needed.

4.  Personal Injury Protection - Having personal injury protection is important in case you are responsible for the injury to another due or something happens during a slip or fall inside your RV.  With the right coverage plan, you will be protected against this.

5.  Uninsured Motorist Protection - There are more and more drivers on the road today without insurance.  Having the extra added protection to cover you in case the other driver is either not insured or underinsured is key.

Added Coverages for Piece of Mind

As with any insurance...there are many options to choose from.  Some of the other coverage options to choose from include mold remediation, water damage, rodent infestation, or delamination coverage or (stress on the steel or gear mechanisms of your RV).  Some insurance carriers offer added coverage for these situations.  Know your options, contact us today for a thorough look into what you have and what might be needed for future coverage.

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