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Auto Insurance

With more and more drivers on the roads these days.  It only makes sense to know and understand your options.  Below are a few examples of the types of auto insurance coverage that is out there so that it will help you make a better decision with your coverages.  Before we really dive into coverage, we believe it is really important to understand what the state of Missouri considers minimum coverage requirements for drivers in the state.

What is the minimum coverage in the state of Missouri?

Missouri state law mandates that all vehicle owners and drivers have auto liability insurance coverage. The minimum coverage is a 25/50/10 policy: $25,000 for each injured person per accident. $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to two or more people.  The 10 stands for property damage as in $10,000 min.  In many cases, our insured's find out that the min. state law requirements do NOT properly secure them properly in the event of future property damage and litigation claims.  At IDEAL INSURANCE, we will help you determine your best call to action regarding your needs to make sure you are properly prepared for the future.

Is Missouri a "no-fault" state for insurance?

Missouri is an at-fault state for insurance. This means that injured drivers can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or their own. In addition, the driver responsible for the accident is liable for any financial harm, which the insurance company usually pays for, up to policy limits.  Being that the state is considered an "at-fault" state, we will discuss your options with you in order to make sure you are properly covered for any future events in order to protect your assets.

What is covered by a basic auto insurance policy?

Basic auto liability insurance policies consist of two types of benefits or coverage. They are coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Bodily injury liability provides protection from various claims and court cases that are filed against insured persons, in case the insured person is the cause of injury or death of another person.  

With this being said, many people have different options or reasons for which they are covered.  The type of policy listed above is usually considered FULL COVERAGE as it provides full bodily injury and property damage in the event of an accident for your and the other driver.

What is considered "Liability Only" Coverage?

Liability Only coverage is a different coverage model from basic or full coverage auto insurance.  When an insured is covered under "Liability Only", they are basically being insured to cover the expenses and loss of the other driver.  When an insured is covered under liability only, their vehicle is not covered for cost of repair in the event of an accident.  It would be the responsibility of the insured to cover those expenses.   It is always important to understand where you stand on coverage, what it covers, and most this affects the insured long term.

Other types of optional auto insurance coverage:

There are many other types of coverages within your overall auto coverage.  Many of these are included in your purchase, and others come with an additional fee to the policy.  These may include the following:

1. Uninsured  / Underinsured Motorists Coverage - This helps to protect you in the event the other driver is either uninsured or is underinsured on their coverages.

2. Excess Medical Coverage - If medical coverage is needed, an increase in overall medical care expenses can be added to your policy.

3. Accidental  Death and Dismemberment - This covers you in or others in the event of accidental death or other physical injuries in the accident.

4. Rental Reimbursement - Rental Reimbursement covers YOU the insured in the event that your auto is in the shop for any prolonged period of time due to an accident.  This is an added endorsement that can be included in your policy.

5. Customized Equipment Endorsements - You may have added accessories to your auto which require special endorsements for customized coverage.  IDEAL will help you determine this and give you the best coverage options.

6. Replacement Cost -  Replacement cost is something that gives the insured piece of mind.  If your auto qualifies, you can add replacement cost to your vehicle.  This endorsement helps you to find a replacement for your vehicle in the event of a total loss.  

7. Roadside Assistance - Many insurance companies offer excellent roadside assistance programs that help the insured get their auto towed to a repair facility in the event of a stall.  IDEAL will help you with these endorsements all along the way to best fit your needs!

Our Job As Your Insurance Provider:

It is always important to make sure that YOU the insured are taken care of, and we realize you have options!  Many of them in fact, and we realize that it can be a very daunting task at times deciding on whom you choose to represent you.  We promise to provide fair, honest and a variety of coverage options and a wide selection of provider options to you based upon our wide list to choose from.  If you are looking for basic or deluxe coverage....the main thing is that you are happy and customer satisfaction is king!   We will truly make your auto provider search a quick and easy process!

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