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Motorcycle Insurance

There are many motorcycles on the roads these days, and because of this...the increase in overall accidents in the state of Missouri and Arkansas has taken incremental spikes over the last few years.  At IDEAL INSURANCE, we want to provide our insureds with the BEST protection in the event of an accident to you or others on the road.  

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Well...Similar to Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance can include different types of coverage.  The first coverage is liability.  If you get into an accident, liability coverage protects the "other" person for personal or property damage if you are held liable for the damages due to the accident.   The other coverage that is available is called "comprehensive" coverage.  Comprehensive coverage covers "You" for the repair of your motorcycle in the event of theft, fire, flood, or other situations that may be deemed not your fault.

In addition to comprehensive coverage, the insured may choose to add additional coverage options to their policies which include things such as underinsured and uninsured motorist protection.  This protects "You" in the event the other person is not sufficiently covered or not covered at all.

Other Coverage Options?

Other coverage options available to you are towing and roadside assistance as well as rental reimbursement coverages.  Call one of our agents today to understand your full array of options available to you.  We will be more than happy to go over them with you to customize the right coverage options to suite your budget!

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