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Boat Insurance

Arkansas and Missouri have an abundance of lakes in the area, from Beaver Lake to Table Rock Lake or Lake of the Ozarks.  If you have a boat and love the lake, you need the proper insurance to cover your toys!  At IDEAL INSURANCE we help you find the best coverage at the best price with multiple carrier options to choose from.

What does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance may help cover a motorized boat, sailboat, or motorized watercraft in the event of an accident, if it is stolen, or in cases such as lightning or fire damage.  Boat insurance can also cover the insured against personal liability injury to someone else or another boat in the event of an accident.

1.  Medical Payments - Boat insurance can also provide excess medical payments for you or the other person in the event that you or any of your passengers are injured as a result of an accident.

2.  Uninsured Watercraft Coverage - Uninsured watercraft coverage can help protect you in the event the other person involved in an accident does not have adequate coverage on their watercraft or is underinsured.

3.  Limits and Deductibles - As with any insurance, limits and deductibles apply.  This is why it is so important to explore your options and understand what they cover in the event of an accident.  Different carriers offer different limits, therefore it is important to understand what types of coverage your are looking for and what it covers.  If a claim is filed, you will need to understand what your responsibility is in the event of a loss.

How much does Boat Insurance Cost?

There are many factors involved in determining how much your coverage is going to cost you monthly with boat insurance.  This is dependent upon several factors.

  •  The size and type of watercraft or boat you intend to cover.
  •  How you will use and store the watercraft or boat.
  •  The coverage type, limits, and deductibles you provide on your policy.
Many insurance carries provide discounts for training classes taken, or multi-policy discounts with their coverage.

Other Types of Protection Offered with Boat Insurance

Coverages vary by carrier, but below are a list of some options readily available to you in making the right choice for coverage.

1.  Do you have a trailer to go along with the boat?  Is so, that will have to be covered.

2.  Does your watercraft or boat have other accessories that would necessitate incremental coverage?

3.  Would you need excess coverage for accessories such as gear, radar equipment, stereos, wakeboard accessories, etc.

4.  Towing coverage

Give us a call to discuss your options.  IDEAL INSURANCE can find you the right coverage to fit your needs!

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